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Checkbook control without the hassles of setting up an LLC

If you seek the freedom to invest in different asset classes using your IRA account, setting up an IRA Trust could be the ideal solution. Your retirement account is meant to take care of you during your golden years, but it’s true potential can be unlocked much earlier by using that money as your investment corpus. However, when you open a Self-Directed IRA LLC, you might find that high incorporation fees, bureaucratic red tape at state-level agencies, and other associated costs are restricting your freedom to invest.

If you want to avoid these pitfalls, an IRA Trust is the way to go. By establishing an IRA Trust, you avoid the annual LLC fees, state reporting requirements, and LLC Articles of Organizations that need to be on the public record. MyDirect IRA can set up your IRA Trust in as little as 1-2 weeks and we’ll handle all the forms and paperwork necessary to get you started. Soon you’ll be able to invest freely and manage your investments effectively while maintaining your privacy.

Why choose an IRA Trust:

  • Complete checkbook control
  • Fewer setup and maintenance costs
  • Less paperwork than LLC incorporation
  • No state reporting requirements
  • Invest in foreign assets

Professional Ongoing Support

Our services don’t stop after your trust is created. Once your account is funded, we remain your trusted support contact for any IRA Trust inquiries. You can always reach out if you have any questions, or want to engage in new transaction types. We provide these services at no ongoing cost because our goal is to keep your investments fully compliant and successful.

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Our Process

Step 1: Apply for Self-Directed IRA

The first step in the process is the formation of a Self-Directed IRA in your name. We’ll help you fill out all the paperwork properly, including the account application, transfer paperwork, and investment direction. Opening and funding (moving funds from your existing IRA or 401k) your new Self-Directed IRA takes roughly 2 weeks, depending on how quickly your current institution can process the transfer request.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

You need to transfer your funds to this account in order to begin investing. Transferring or rolling over previous retirement funds or adding an initial contribution is necessary here.

Step 3: Establishing an IRA Trust

Once your IRA account has been created and funded, we can help you create a specialized IRA Trust. After that, you need to create a designated checking account for your IRA Trust in your bank.

Step 4: Invest Freely

You can begin investing in any asset class you think is best by simply writing a check or sending a wire transfer from your IRA Trust checking account. Since the IRA Trust is owned by your IRA, the assets purchased by the trust are part of your retirement portfolio.