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We’re an Education-Based Financial Services Company

MyDirect IRA is a team of attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, and other professionals committed to helping individuals across the USA get more out of their retirement accounts. Our clients range from salaried workers to corporate executives who want to utilize their individual retirement accounts (IRA) and 401k accounts for investments outside of stocks and bonds, and we use our specialized knowledge to help them reach their retirement goals.

MyDirect IRA has helped clients invest in real estate, promissory notes, start-up businesses, tax liens, and much more. We believe in offering our clients the investment freedom they need to achieve their financial goals. MyDirect IRA will ensure compliance with state and federal laws and give you the opportunity to use your IRA to help create the life you deserve.


Our Team

MyDirect IRA is composed of talented and experienced professionals, who are changing the lives of our clients by providing expert financial and investment advice


Ted Erickson

Managing Partner

For over a decade, Ted has been personally helping hundreds of individuals grow their retirement accounts, and he is excited to use his expertise and savvy to do the same for you.

While he specializes in alternative retirement investments, like hard assets and technology startups, he also has broad and deep experience with all aspects of retirement investing. He got his start at Provident Trust Group, after which, he spent two years with an IRA LLC facilitator, helping clients accomplish their investment goals with IRA and 401k funds.

With his well-rounded experience and leadership skills, Ted has earned the trust and respect of his team. He inspires them to continually deliver better results for our clients, positioning MyDirect IRA at the top of the industry.


Jeremy Green- J.D., LL.M.


A skilled tax attorney, Jeremy brings immense value to our clients, helping them achieve their IRA and 401K investments goals.

He has a master’s degree in Law, specializing in tax law, and 10+ years of proven legal expertise. Before joining MyDirect IRA, Jeremy served as Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Senior Trust Officer at Provident Trust Group for four years, helping Provident grow from $3 to $6 billion in assets under custody. He has in-depth knowledge of federal and state tax regulations, tax-deferred investments, estate planning, and tax law matters.

His education and hands-on experience culminate in our clients making smarter decisions and growing their retirement accounts.


April Toko

CPA and Paralegal

April Toko specializes in business entity document drafting and has over a decade of experience in IRA LLCs and other business entity structures. April started her career in 2006 with the law firm of Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller, and Sorensen, LLP where she drafted business entity set up documents, and estate planning documents. While with the law firm, she discovered her passion for business entity structuring and IRA LLCs.

April managed iDirect, LLC, a company that specialized in IRA LLC business set ups. With iDirect, LLC, April drafted all IRA LLC business set up documents, and ran the day-to-day operations of the business. She currently runs a bookkeeping business and drafts business documents for clients.

April enjoys spending her free time watching her kids play sports, play games with friends and family, and traveling."