My first contact and dealings with your company, and specifically with Mr. Ted Erickson, was not only most surprisingly pleasant but an educational experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, as Mr Erickson lead me in a very respectful and kind but at the same time skillfully, thru the details of the inner workings of the formation of an LLC.

To the point that I no longer felt like a dunce (which I am) but a shrewd businessman (which I’m not).

He clarified many concepts and dispelled preconceptions, a list to long to number.

He also answered my concern about tax consequences with a knowledge of a financial advisor

His amiable and respectful attitude as well as his patience are worth to mention and praise. His prompt responses to my phone calls and inquiries were incredible.

I’ll be delighted to recommend Mr. Erickson, to friends, colleagues and associates, without reservations and the certainty of a stellar performance on his work.

He truly is a great asset to your corporation.

Ricardo Calzada, Apr 2021