With a Checkbook IRA, you’ll be able to purchase real estate and many other
alternative assets using your retirement account funds from old and non-performing retirement accounts.

A Checkbook IRA allows you to invest in what you know and understand. The investment possibilities are endless. Here’s a short list of what many of our clients invent in using the Checkbook IRA with MyDirect:

  • Long term rentals
  • Vacation rentals of Airbnb’s
  • Foreclosures
  • Private equity
  • Land development
  • Lending
  • Tax liens
  • Cryptocurrency

Interested in something else? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the in’s and out’s of your investment goals, and get your Checkbook IRA process started.

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Self-Directed IRAs open a whole
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At MyDirect IRA, the Checkbook IRA is our specialty. We enable you
full freedom and control of your retirement funds to invest how you see fit.

MyDirect IRA is the expert in setting up Checkbook IRA’s. Our clients enjoy the freedom to move between asset classes, from real estate, to crypto, to private lending, and back into publicly traded assets as well, all under one roof. Our job is to help you take your IRA and 401k funds out where they’re sitting today, and place those funds at your fingertips, in a business checking account, tax free and penalty free, to invest in what you know and understand.

The Checkbook IRA is the premier tool for investors with retirement funds, looking to deploy their cash into private investments. Gain access to the world of private investments using the Checkbook IRA from MyDirect IRA.

icon ira LLC
Checkbook IRA

Sometimes called an IRA LLC, and the most powerful investment tool for your retirement account.

icon trust LLC
IRA Trust

A cost effective alternative for those looking at the Checkbook IRA, but don’t want to pay high annual fees to your state.

icon solo LLC
Solo 401k

The pinnacle retirement plan for the self-employed. Imagine the Checkbook IRA, on steroids.

Ted Erickson at MyDirect IRA is the rarest of the rare individuals. He is super responsive, both by email and by phone. He addressed every question and concern I had for setting up a "checkbook IRA". … Read more

Jason B, TX

I highly recommend Ted Erickson, he is a wealth of knowledge and was a pleasure to work with.

Craig Worland, August 2021

We're very pleased with the service we received as we navigated our way through uncharted waters--setting up a Self-Directed IRA and the associated LLC. Will definitely recommend MyDirectIRA to our family and friends.

Chris Meisinger, August 2021